10 Dating Tips That Actually Work!


Dating in our world today can be hard. With Dating apps on the rise you can meet people online and go on a date without knowing much about them. If you’re going on a date with someone you don’t know too well it can be super nerve-wracking…here are 10 Dating Tips that Actually Work! 


Be Authentic

A lot of people act how they assume their date would want them to…don’t do that. It is extremely obvious that you are faking a persona that isn’t truly you. If you are authentic and true to your own personality, your date will see the confidence you allude through just being yourself and that will make you ten times more attractive.


Skip the small talk, get to know the person

 I have made this mistake so many times, I wont know what to talk or Ill be nervous, about so I will just make small talk. This leads to cookie cutter responses and leaves the conversation at a standstill. Ask thought provoking questions, things you want to learn about your date. Here are some examples:

        1. Where do you see yourself in five years? This is a great question to ask if you’re looking for something more long term and stable, it will tell a lot about your date and lead you to more possible conversation topics. Plus, if your date has got their shit together enough to even have a five year plan, thats hot.
        2. Are you a morning person or do you prefer the nighttime? I love this question. My significant other and I are complete opposites, I love waking up early and he would sleep all day if he could. I think its a great way to break the ice and maybe you’ll have this in common. If you’re both morning people, do a cute breakfast date…SO CUTE!
        3. In one sentence, who are you? This question gives you a glimpse at how your date views themselves. You can always ask them to elaborate or give a sentence for yourself…this question is super interesting and will probably take some thinking!

Be Open

 Going on a first date can be scary because you don’t always know what you’re going to get. Sometimes people sounds great but then on a date they are a completely different person. Don’t count them out too soon, be open to the possibility of getting to know them more. If you make a decision right away you might not get to see the potential they have.

Make sure your intentions are known 

Hooks up and one night stands are fine, interest in a longterm serious relationship? Also fine. There is no problem with knowing what you’re looking for, just be honest and open about your intentions and where you’d like to take your relationship with the other person. This can save a lot of time and heartbreak if you have different ideas of where your relationship will go.

Smile and Make Eye contact

Smiling is contagious, if you’re having a good time or just actively listening, smile and make eye contact. The eyes are the windows to the soul after all… Sometimes when you’re nervous it can be a struggle to maintain eye contact, try to keep in mind that eye contact shows active listening and attentiveness, theres nothing worse than being on a date and thinking someone isn’t paying attention to you!

Focus on your Date

While a first date normally takes place in a public setting, there can be tons of distractions all around you, for example, if you’re in a bar and your favorite sport comes on the TV…try to stay focused on your date or try to include them in watching.

Don’t Use Your Phone

This should be an obvious one but people still seem to have issues keeping their phone away and on silent while out on a date…or even just out with friends! It can be unattractive and frankly just rude to be on your phone when you could be conversing with your date. I would take it as the person I am out with is not interested in me.

Be Honest

Definitely tell the truth about your life, your age, your intentions, etc. You do not want to be caught in a lie and it isn’t fair to the other person if they think you are someone you’re not. On dating apps it is very easy to throw a few white lies in your profile and a couple inches on your height…don’t do it. Not only will you most likely be caught, why would you want to go on a date with someone who isn’t actually interested in, well, you?

The Bill

The bill is always a bit awkward…do you share it? do you offer to pay? do you expect them to pay? For me personally, I always bring enough money to front the bill just in case, every date I have ever been on I have offered to pay, some guys take me up on my offer, some done, some split it. I personally don’t base my opinion of the person on whether or not they pay, but it is nice when they at least offer to pay half. As for what I have heard from the men in my life about fronting the bill, most will be happy to pay for their date unless it went horrible. They also mentioned that if their date offered money they would refuse but definitely prefer if their date asks instead of just assuming he’s paying. I have never assumed a guy was paying but I know a lot of people who expect the man to pay for every date…In my relationship now he paid for the first date, I paid for the second. A good rule of thumb is whoever offers the invitation, should at least pay half.

Following up

By the end of the date you normally know if you would like to go out again or not. Be transparent with how you’re feeling. If you do not think a second date is a good idea, do not tell your date you will call them or see them soon, if they believe a second date is in the works it might hurt their feelings. Do not ghost someone after a date…be an adult and nicely text or call them and let them know you do not think it will work out. If you do want to see where things go and would like a second date, be honest! Let your date know you had fun, text them to follow up and see where things go! The first date is always the hardest to follow up so just be confident and straight forward. You got this!

Obviously everyone is different, some of these tips might not matter to a specific date you go on, but most of them are just great things to keep in mind in any situation!

Do you have any crazy dating stories? Let me hear them in the comments section!

10 Dating Tips That Actually Work! 10 Dating Tips That Actually Work!10 Dating Tips That Actually Work! 10 Dating Tips That Actually Work! 10 Dating Tips That Actually Work! 10 Dating Tips That Actually Work!

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