4 Important Habits of Successful People

Everyone wants to be successful and regardless of your definition of success, there are certain habits that can help you better achieve your goals. I did my research and tested out 4  habits of successful people to see if I noticed myself being more successful after implementing them.

Habit 1. Read more books…

This one was quite vague, but I found it to be a common theme across the topic. I love to read but often find myself prioritizing other things, giving me no time to read. I scheduled out time in my day to read, once it was put in my calendar, it was top priority during the time allotted, I found reading closer to bedtime was easier to do and helped me relax my thoughts before bed.

I would say this made me more productive, rather than watching YouTube right before bed, I would read a few chapters of a good book or a passage in my Bible. I found that it was easier to fall asleep afterwards and was a nice exercise for my brain. Scheduling out time everyday was also like a little bit of self care!

Habit 2. Own up to your mistakes…

I have been actively practicing this one for about a year now, so I loved the idea of this. Growing up I had a “victim mentality” because of the circumstances I grew up in, so I pushed a lot of my issues onto other people instead of owning up to them and learning from them. Now when someone calls me out or I realize I did something wrong, I own right up to it, fix the situation, and try to figure out how to prevent it from happening again.

It sounds easy but you have to adjust the way you actively think, I catch myself more often now especially when it involves other people. I try to think more before I speak and only say what is necessary, I have also learned that instead of apologizing for the mistakes I make, I verbally appreciate the person or thing I have wronged… Example: I am late on a payment, instead of making up an excuse when trying to settle a bill, I thank the company for working with me and understanding my situation.

Habit 3. Wake up early…

Early is different for everyone, early to me is 5am, to my boyfriend its more like 8am. Thats totally fine, as long as your making an effort to wake up with enough time in the day to get things done, you’re right on track!

Ever since I started babysitting around 6:30 am and being done around 8am, I found that my sleep pattern has changed drastically, I am normally in bed or tired by 9pm and even on days off I only sleep in until like 8 am. This gives me more time in the day to get things done during normal business hours. I also do not feel as stressed with my time management because I am able to fit more time into my day.

Don’t get me wrong, on weekends I do not wake up at 6 am, but I try not to sleep past 9 am as an iradkic sleep schedule can cause more harm than good. If I go out drinking or I am out with my boyfriend, I will sleep in a bit later, but for the most part, I try to be up on the earlier side.

Habit 4. Listen instead of thinking about what you will respond…

Everyone has done this at least once during a conversation. I am super guilty of preparing my response in the conversation, instead of actively listen to what I am being told. We do not always have to respond with top tier advice or an intelligent comeback. When we think about what we are going to say we make the situation about ourselves when it should be of mutual benefit. Try listening to the other side of the conversation and actively thinking about what is being told, you do not have to respond right away. Take your time and instead of just blurting out some filler response, you will be able to compliment the conversation with meaningful thoughts.

When having a conversation, I try to leave a few seconds between my thoughts and what I actually say, to make sure what I am saying is thought out completely. This works well in business settings as well, if you can keep a conversation meaningful and to the point, you can save a lot of time for yourself and the other person involved, and you know the saying “time is money”.

All in all these habits definitely created a more productive atmosphere for me, I would highly recommend practicing a few, if not all, over time and implementing them in your day to day.

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