7 Ways to Say “I Love You”

Theres no argument that we say I love you a lot throughout our lives, sometimes we mean it, sometimes we don’t. Needless to say, the sentence has lost some of its value over time.

I mean, the other day at the bar a girl told me she loved me because we stood in line together, I know she appreciated me and thats why she said it but that definitely does not mean she loves me.

I tell my boyfriend I love him all the time, sometimes without thinking. I do love him, incredibly much so. Overtime I tell him I love him, I mean it, but I tell him I love him other ways than just repeating those words.

Think about it, the girl at the bar said the same three words my boyfriend tells me, one means it one doesn’t, the fact that we throw the term around makes it less meaningful. Like I said it kind of becomes a habit.

Whether its family, friends, or your significant other, you don’t have to say “I love you” to show your love for someone! Heres a few ways you can tell someone you love them without saying it.

The “thinking about you” text

I love this one, I know whenever I get it, it makes me smile even bigger than when they say “i love you” I think this is because as much as we love to hear it, and as much as we may mean it, I love you can feel kind of forced. When you text someone that you are thinking about them, it shows them they are on your mind even when aren’t with them. I think this is beautiful.

Acts of Service

This goes without saying, when you tell someone to be careful or anything similar, you’re basically saying you don’t want to lose them. Sometimes people forget that they have people around them who love and care for them, this is a nice reminder.

There is no better feeling than coming home from work or school or just a long day, to find that a chore or task you had to complete is already done. For example, when I was visiting my boyfriend at school last weekend, he had to go to class during the day. I knew he would be a bit stressed afterwards so I made sure to clean up his dorm room while he was in class. He cam home to a neater space and I even grabbed him some lunch!

Everyone loves a gift

I am the type of person who loves giving rather than receiving. Don’t get me wrong I love getting gifts but if I have the chance, I like to surprise my boyfriend or other loved ones with little presents here and there to show my love. I get my boyfriend little things all the time. I have a funny story about this one though… I got home about a week ago from visiting my boyfriend and he has exams coming up, I wanted to be cute and send him a care package. I ordered a candy care package on amazon and had it sent right to him, along with a yeti mug since it gets pretty cold there. Although he was grateful for the gift, he did not want it. He told me he was thankful of wit and would use it but that I didn’t have to get it. Moral of the story, make sure the gift will be well received!

Quality Time

Depending on your love language, this one may or may not work for you. People have busy lives and theres not always a ton of time to spend with loved ones. Sometimes an easy way to show someone you love them is to spend quality time with them, no distractions or interruptions, just time meant to be with each other. I feel like this one is obvious but we get so caught up in our phones and lives and other stuff that we are with someone but we don’t acknowledge or appreciate their presence. Schedule out time, turn your phone off, and enjoy the time with your loved one.

Looking towards the future

This is a fun way to show someone how much you care about them. Just don’t be creepy! My boyfriend isn’t super romantic when we aren’t together, but when we are he’s the cutest! Sometimes instead of just telling me he loves me, he’ll mention something about our future together. I don’t mean like dreaming if something could go perfectly right, wed be together. I mean like will we pay for our children college, what state we will live in, the fights we might have. There is no better way to tell a significant other that you love them than to be excited for your future with them.

Give your reasons

How do you describe your love for someone in words? After you’ve done all those actions to show your love for someone, how do you say it, without saying “I love you”? When you love someone so much, that I love you just doesn’t seem like its enough, tell your person in detail why you feel that way about them. “I love you” is overused and expected in relationships that sometimes we say it mindlessly, show your significant other that you mean it by telling them why. It will mean more than a simple 3 words.

There are so many ways to show and tell someone how you feel about them, and its unique to every person. You have to discover what works for you and your partner.

Have a creative way you say I love you? Tell me in the comments below!

7 Ways to Say “I Love You” 7 Ways to Say “I Love You” 7 Ways to Say “I Love You” 7 Ways to Say “I Love You”

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