Cheap Ways to Get Salon Level Nails at Home!

As a hairstylist and self proclaimed DIY Queen, I love saving money and finding the best dupes for high end products.

I am an adult which means I have bills and responsibilities that make it harder for me to buy luxury items at their pricing. 

Hey I even cringe when I have to pay $35 for a gel manicure (thats not including tip) 

If you’re anything like me, oh do I have some tea to spill for you! 

Three words…Press on Nails! 

You heard me right! Im not talking about putting on that tape like adhesive and having them fall off that day, I am talking about following the correct and identical procedures used at the nail salon, to achieve an acrylic manicure, for a quarter of the price!

Heres what you gotta do. I get my nails at ULTA but you can get them at almost any drug store. There should be a size in the top corner RS is real short, S is short, M is medium, and L is long.

Depending on the size and shape you want you can choose different designs and colors.

The great thing about these nails is you custom pick the sizes (it comes with sizes for all nails) and they are pre shaped so you don’t have to deal with filing like you do in the salon. They also come with everything you could need, the nails, the glue, a file, and a wooden stick. 

You can get these nails for under $10!

Once you have them, make sure to find your correct sizes and lay them out, there are numbers underneath the nail at the tip for easy sizing. 

Now that the nails are sized, take acetone and clean your nails to remove excess oils. 

If you have someone who can help you thats great but if not its totally possible to do it by yourself (my boyfriend helps me lol)

Take the glue and apply a light but full coat across your nail, apply the nail at an angle to ensure no air pockets. Press and hold the nail until it is secure. 

Once your nails are on you can file them if needed but you should be good to go!

These are what mine looked like on Christmas!

The best part is that they are easy to take off…do not pull them off as you can damage your nail. Just file the top coat of the nail off and saturate your nails in acetone. Apply a lotion afterwards and you’re good to go!

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