DIY Halloween Costumes

Happy Halloween! Fall is my favorite time of year…which means Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, only second to Christmas.

I am celebrating Halloween with my boyfriend and our friends at the college they all go to, I am so excited for my first college Halloween experience!

We wanted to do a couple costume but struggled for weeks on what we should do…costumes are way too expensive for a one time wear, so we decided to make our own.

During the DIY research I found a ton of DIY Halloween Costumes ideas that I will not be using, here you go!

Idea 1: Jesters or clowns

A really easy and cheap DIY is dressing in all black and painting your face like a jester, you can make this sexy, scary, or both! I will link some pic ideas and a video tutorial!

Idea 2: Super man and Lois Lane

If your boyf has a classic white button down, tie, and some black slacks…you’re off to a great start! You do not need to go and buy a ton for this costume, you can print the Superman Logo onto a piece of paper and tape or pin it onto a blue t-shirt.

Lois lane is even more simple, again you need a white button down and a black pencil skirt, you can get both of these pretty cheap at kohl or Walmart if you don’t have them already.

If you need some fake glasses you can run by Claire’s and grab a pair for pretty cheap!

Idea 3: Aliens

In order to be seen as an alien, all you really need is Antennae, the rest is up to your imagination! You can get them at literally any party store in your are but if you don’t feel like going out, you can order them online for as low as a dollar!

If you’d like you can add some makeup Special FX or sexualize the alien a little bit with some smoky green makeup and a cute outfit…its really all up to you!

Idea 4: Tommy Lee and Heather Locklear (Mötley Crüe)

This is what I came up with for mine and my boyfriend costumes! I am of course heather Locklear and he’s going to be Tommy Lee. I made this costume completely from scratch because our main goal is to recreate a specific photo (pictured) from when they were married. The outfit was quite unique so I had to paint the shirts to match similarly to the photos.

I found a rockstar wig that works perfectly for my boyfriend to get Tommy Lee’s signature hairstyle, I made him some clip on earrings, and we’ll put some black eyeliner to finish off the look.

On the back of both our shirts I decided to write Mötley Crüe (My boyfriends says Mötley and mine says Crüe) so people understand who we are! Here are some pic of the shirts in progress and look out for some pics from Halloween on my Instagram @alyssa.j.rose!

Those are some of my favorite DIY Halloween Costumes I have seen this year!

If you any of you DIY’d your Halloween Costume send me a pic!

DIY Halloween Costumes

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