Fall Trends

Its finally fall and that means I am THRIVING. Fall and winter are my favorite seasons (I cant just pick one) and that is partially because I love the fashion that comes with the cooler weather.

I have done some research and digging around Pinterest (Follow me @Rosology) and around the internet for some inspo and I am so excited to jump right in and show you guys!

The colors! I love love love Fall colors and these ones are to die for. A mix of reds blues purples browns and oranges, give you a fall vibe without being a completely neutral color palette. You can still have pops of color while sporting a fall look!

Ripped Jeans, I never liked ripped jeans growing up because they never fit me right… but oh boy do I have a hack for you!

I got some black jeans from Walmart for about $13 dollars over a year ago but being that I hate trying things on, I got home and they were too small. I totally forgot about them until the other day when I was cleaning out my closet and decided to try them on.

THE HARD WORK HAS PAID OFF! I now fit into the jeans! The only issue is I am 5 5 and most jeans are a bit too long around my ankles. I decided I was going to cut the excess fabric at the bottom and went on Pinterest to find some how to’s.

I came across the cutest look (pictured below) and wanted to recreate it on my own. The picture shows how to add rips into the jeans at the knees and I decided to take a step out of my comfort zone and try it out, if I didn’t like it I could just donate them, after all I did forget about them for an entire year!

I added the rips and fell in love! The cut at the bottom flared out just a tad and I think it gives off a cool vibe. I paired mine with some brown suede heeled booties or if I’m not feeling the heels I also paired them with some quilted slide ons i got from Target! (Find them here)

I didn’t add a ton of rips so it was still classy, I actually wore them to church and the grocery store on Sunday!

Manufactured ripped jeans cost more than normal jeans so you’re saving money and getting the fit you want!

Lastly, Flannel! Flannel can transition seamlessly from fall to winter and honestly I wear it all year round. I recently picked up a new flannel from H&M (pictured below) that I will link HERE.

Flannels are easy to style for so many different occasions, I know I sleep in mine, where mine on dates with my man, to church, to work, etc.!

The best part is flannels pair well with tons of different backdrops for photos!

Just the flannel pattern is amazing too, you can find scarves, blankets, and much more to give your space a fall pick me up as well! Not to mention the flannel candle from bath and body works is one of my faves!

Got more fall trends you want me to cover? Send it on over! Email me or DM me on Instagram (info in contact section)

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