Have the Best Sex Possible! with a Woo More Play Review!

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Lets get started… 

Heres how to Have the Best Sex Possible! with a Woo More Play Review!

So far the series has consisted of a bunch of facts and need to knows about your sexual health and wellness, but Lets Talk About Sex isn’t just about the boring (but important) stuff, its also about how to have more fun!

This week were talking about how you can Have the Best Sex Possible!

Have the Best Sex Possible! with a Woo More Play Review!

I want to start out by introducing you guys to an awesome brand that I have literally fallen in love with, and my partner loves it too! 

The Love Oil

Woo – More Play, a line of sex positive products to make the bedroom more fun while using all organic ingredients.

I took it upon myself to order the two products available as of now, the Freshies Wipes and the Love Oil. If you sign up for the subscription you get both at discounted prices but I ordered them as a one time purchase (for now) to see how I liked them.

Lets start with the Love Oil. The oil is 100% edible and actually tastes soooo good, and it smells like cupcakes…freaking cupcakes! The packaging is very classy and can be kept right on the nightstand without looking tacky.

One thing I noticed was that if the temperature was below around 69 degrees, the oil thickened, this is because it is basically just coconut oil with other natural ingredients, so it hardens as coconut oil does. I found that it was very easy to remedy by rubbing the bottle in my hands and warming it slightly.

Have the Best Sex Possible! with a Woo More Play Review!

The oil, priced at $24.99 and notably described as Pre-game lubricant and can be used as a massage oil and lube, so you can start with a nice massage as foreplay and instead of switching out for a lube its two in one, and it works great as both *wink wink*

Because it is 100% organic and natural you don’t have to worry about wacky chemicals messing with the pH balance down there!

The key Ingredients are…

 Virgin coconut oil: Free from harmful chemicals and synthetic preservatives, it’s the most natural, fun ride you’ll ever have.

• Vanilla: Long used as a natural aphrodisiac, studies show vanilla promotes feelings of joy and pleasure. Coincidentally, so do orgasms.

• Beeswax: Rich in Vitamin A, beeswax is perfect for softening and hydrating your skin and lips. Both kinds.

• Stevia: Antibacterial and naturally derived, Stevia puts the sweet in ‘sweet cheeks’, so you can too.

The Freshies

The Freshies, $12.99, can be used in so many different ways, I was first intrigued because sometimes public restrooms can be a bit icky, and you do not know who touched the toilet paper in there, I originally wanted wipes I would bring to the bathroom with me when I am on the go.

Freshies come in a cute little box and are prepackaged, you can throw a few in your purse, your car, your backpack, or just keep them by the nightstand to clean up post sex, if ya know what I mean.

The best part about the wipes is when you use them they are specifically made to balance your pH, and are super soft.

Here are the ingredients and the benefits of using Freshies…

All of the ingredients and descriptions were taken direction from Woo More Play Website

Aloe Vera

Natural Hydrator: One of nature’s best moisturizers, Aloe Vera will leave your skin feeling smooth, supple, and hydrated. Deeply penetrating, you’ll be able to feel its rejuvenating affects all over – like good penetration should.

Soothes Skin: Revered for its cooling and purifying properties, Aloe Vera is perfect for soothing inflammation and irritation. Keeping your skin soft and cool, no matter how hot or hard your day (or crutch) gets.

Rich In Health: Full of antioxidant and antibacterial properties, Aloe Vera naturally accelerates healing and protects your skin from cell damage. However, it can’t protect you from poor choices; that’s up to your conscience or BFF.

Coconut Water

Refreshing: Derived from the steam distillation process of the coconut plant, this essential water is great for helping you feel light and refreshed. Almost as good as an actual tropical holiday.

Post Sex Recovery: Coconut Water is ideal for your body after exercise, as it hydrates and replenishes lost electrolytes and water. And by exercise, we mean sex; lots of sex.

More Happy: Containing magnesium and potassium, Coconut Water works to lower cortisol levels, stabilize hormonal imbalances, and improve cellular processes. Leaving you almost as happy as the actual sex part.

Vanilla Water

Increases Sexual Desire: More than a delicious topping, Vanilla is proven to elevate moods, reduce stress, increase sexual desire, and even aid in impotency. With an aroma inducing feelings of pleasure and satiation, it’ll be hard not to go back for seconds.

Calms & Soothes: Containing strong anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial cleansing properties, Vanilla has a history in remedying wounds, calming irritations, and reducing infections. As for your history? Don’t worry, Mom’s the word.

Promotes Healthy Skin: Vanilla is a great source of B-vitamins, which play a crucial role in maintaining healthy, smooth skin. Protecting your skin from cell damage and toxins, it’ll also help restore your skin’s brightness and softness. But hopefully that’s the only soft thing in the bedroom.

Organic Cranberry

UTI Control: The high level of antioxidant proanthocyanins help prevent specific bacterium spreading and sticking to urinary tract walls, causing infection. So, less UTIs and more DM hi’s.

Nutrient Rich: Full of antioxidants and Vitamins C, A, E, K, Cranberry helps rejuvenate and nourish your skin, whilst defending it from environmental stressors and toxins. As for defense against booty-calling exes? Try handcuffs.

Tight & Bright: Full of anti-inflammatory properties, like Omega 6 and Omega 3+, Cranberry is great for supporting radiant, elastic skin. Moisturizing, strengthening, and firming, it’ll help keep your skin tight. And tight’s always good, isn’t it?


The Freshies and Love oil…Tried and tested *wink wink* (again) I recommend both of these so highly!

Natural lubricants and clean up products are so important. You should always take note of the ingredients in products you use down there! 

Go HERE buy them, try them, and let me know your thoughts! Another reason to grab these products is if you spend $20 or more, shipping is free!

Do you have any go to sex positive products? Comment below or send them to me through DM or Email, info in Contact section!

Have the Best Sex Possible! with a Woo More Play Review!

Have the Best Sex Possible! with a Woo More Play Review!

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