Holiday Gift Guide for Him 2019

Hello Loves, with Christmas fast approaching, means it time to start shopping! With Black Friday in just a couple of weeks, its time to get our Christmas lists together and hunt for the best deals! 

With the Holiday Season comes gifting, which is my favorite part, but for some, this time of year can be a struggle to come up with the perfect gift. 

If you can’t think of what to get the men in your life, you’re in luck! Here is a comprehensive gift guide to cover all the men in your life! 

I broke down the guide into three big parts, children (0-16), young men (17-29), and adults (30+). Each of these sections has a few different options to get you thinking, I tried to make some of the options budget friendly, and then I added some luxury gifts (over 100) in there too! 


I alway shave the hardest time picking for kids, not that they are totally vocal about whats on their Christmas list. These days all the young boys I know want some sort of video game or console. Here are a few fool proof ideas I came up with…

#1 I recently stumbled across an old school GameBoy set at Target for only $19.99! Who doesn’t love GameBoy? I love this gift because if you’re even just a little bit older, you can remember when GameBoy was the biggest video game around. Its fun and you can introduce the younger generations to something from your childhood memories, which I think makes it even more special! 

#2 If you’re looking for something thats not too expensive but not too cheap, I have the best gift for you. Well, this one is actually two gifts if you choose to grab the second part. The Amazon Echo Dot is $49.99 and it can do basically everything the full size Echo can do, but its smaller. I have one and I love it…my only issue with it is that when someone says my name, “Alyssa”, it thinks they’re talking to it so sometimes it responds.  If you’re looking to take this gift one step forward, you can add on a smart lightbulb  for around $15 that connects with the Echo Dot. You can use the voice command through the Echo Dot or the app on your phone to program the light, put it on a timer, or even just turn it on and off. They even have bulbs that change color!

#3 When my brother was a bit younger, my go to gift for him was always something Lego related. For years we would get huge intricate lego sets and our mom would build them, and super glue each piece so my brother couldn’t break it. I found this Lego Gingerbread house that comes in at $99 at the Lego Store. This one is pricey but building Legos was one of my biggest memories as a child, plus they are timeless! I don’t know anyone old or young, who would turn down a Lego! 


Young Adult 

This one was super easy for me to put together because the two men I have to get presents for, fall in this category. Luckily my boyfriend told me what he wanted for Christmas so I didn’t have to think too hard on that end, but my brother would never fess up what he wants so I had to do some searching. 

#1 If you don’t want to spend a ton of money, I don’t blame you. I had the most trouble finding a least expensive gift option for young men because I feel like everything they tell me they want is at least slightly expensive. I asked around and found that your safest bet is probably a gift card. I would go for a Visa one thats around $25, so they can use it for what they want to buy. If you want to be a bit more thoughtful but still have no idea what to get them, I recommend taking them to their favorite store and picking something out together. 

#2 If the man you’re buying for has a beard, or even just cares about grooming, I always opt for a shaving or beard care set. My man has a beard that he likes to keep looking nice and I got him this little kit from Amazon, it has tons of sample sizes that last forever, a brush, a comb, and some trimming shears all for the low price of… wait for it… $15! If he doesn’t have facial hair, you can grab this set from Manscaped, its a bit more expensive coming in at $74.99 but I believe its so worth it! 

#3 This is definitely a splurge but if you care about the person I think its definitely worth it… I know my boyfriend has been asking for a watch for months, so I am getting him a nice one for Christmas. I did some research and found that a MVMT Watch is the most price friendly while still looking classy. Pricing for these watches is between $100 and $200 but I saw a lot for right around $135. One thing I love about these watches is that the shipping is free and so are returns. Shipping can make a gift go from reasonably priced to expensive in no time so make sure, whatever you choose, the shipping isn’t outrageous. 

Holiday Gift Guide for Him Holiday Gift Guide for Him Holiday Gift Guide for Him Holiday Gift Guide for Him Holiday Gift Guide for Him Holiday Gift Guide for Him


Every time I ask an adult what they want for Christmas, they always tell me “nothing save your money” this is thoughtful and all but I am still going to get them something of course. Depending on who it is, I try to price out my gifts so that they either aren’t offended or aren’t mad I spent too much. 

#1 You cant go wrong with a picture and customized frame for a loved one. I personally think this is one of my favorites because it is so personal, especially if you have a close relationship and tons of pictures together. You can print a photo at almost any drug store like CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Target, etc. and grab a frame at Michaels. If you want to be really crafty, Michaels Craft Store has wooden frames that you can decorate yourself!

#2 If the person you cant think of a gift for likes alcohol you can grab him this Gin Making Kit from William Sonoma. The kit is only $54.95 which is a pretty good price for such a cool gift. I like it because it comes with everything you need and who doesn’t want to feel like a scientist of sorts! If the alcohol isnt really your style you can surf around William Sonoma’s website, they have tons of awesome gift ideas for Adults! 


There you have it! Some gift ideas for the men in your life…of all ages and price ranges. Stay tuned for the Gift Guide for Her post coming later this week! Let me know what you’re getting your loved ones this Holiday season, down below in the comment section! 


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