How I Save $600 a Month With Meal Planning

Were back with Adulting 101, a series where I give you the inside scoop on the tips and tricks I learned over the years being a 22 year old, living on my own, trying to figure out my life. Emphasis on the trying.

Today I am going to let you in on some awesome tricks for meal planning, How I shop on a budget and get just the right amount of food I need for the week.


Planning it out…

Lets start off with looking over your schedule for the upcoming week… What meals will you be home for, if you are not home, is there a microwave available wherever you may be at that time, do you have lunch or dinner plans made for a specific day?

These are all important questions to think about while looking over your schedule, this will help predict how much food you will need by adding up how many meals you will need the food for!

Personally, I eat at home most of the time, I may grab pizza with a friend or go out for drinks on the weekend, but I have no strict limitations to where I have to eat my meals.

What’s on the menu?

Now that you know how many meals you need food for, lets get into the ingredients, try picking out two proteins that you can switch on and off, primarily so you don’t get bored of your meals.

I always like to pick up chicken because it is an easy versatile protein that I can throw in almost anything. Then I switch between steak and ground turkey.

once you have decided on your proteins, think about some recipes you might like to make that week, preferably cheap, in bulk, healthy, and quick!

A favorite of mine is Turkey Chili! I cook it in bulk one day and freeze single portions so all I have to do is heat it up.

You can find so many awesome recipes on Pinterest, thats where I get most of mine.

After you decide on some meals, figure out the ingredients, I like to keep my meals very simple so I don’t get lazy and order out.

Normally for me, lunch and even dinner is some chicken, seasoned to my liking, with broccoli and green beans on the side. This is super filling, easy to make, and great for the budget!

I only meal prep for lunch and dinner because I either skip breakfast completely or have cereal (not a big breakfast person myself)

Pro Tips!

  • One thing I will recommend is getting the Starbucks Iced Coffee in the big bottles, its only around $5 and I save so much money drinking that coffee instead of buying a $5 coffee twice a day!
  • You can also get coffee grounds for like $5 and they last you way longer…Imagine what you could buy with the money you spend on that Starbucks or Dunkin coffee everyday!

Now that you have all your recipes thought out and your ingredients written down, its off to the store!

I normally go to ShopRite and Trader Joe’s, both places are priced well and have some good options.

Save the environment…

You can also get reusable containers to put your meals in when you’re done making them, I recommend getting microwavable ones so you can just pop them in and warm them up.

I try to split the actual meal prepping into two days throughout the week, the first is normally the day I go food shopping, I try to make that last me for about three days, then I will meal prep for the rest of the week, if you’re busy you can certainly prep it all on one day just make sure to store the food properly!


On top of meals, I like to grab healthy snacks and portion them out so I can go grab a nice portion size. Say I get chips and hummus at the store and I DON’T portion it, I will eat it mindlessly while I am working at my computer.

Meal prepping can be easy and save you tons of money, I used to spend like $200 a week eating out because I was afraid to buy food and waste it, but I spend about $50 a week now and always have food in the house!

How I Save $600 a Month With Meal Planning How I Save $600 a Month With Meal Planning

Give it a try and let me know how it goes! Got some awesome recipes? Send them my way!

How I Save $600 a Month With Meal Planning How I Save $600 a Month With Meal Planning



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