How much should you spend on your partners Christmas gift?

The holiday season is a time where gift giving becomes a top priority.

If you have a partner, its pretty much expected that you get them a Christmas present.

When it comes to relationships, money is always a hard topic to talk about, it can be the root of a lot of problems, especially when it comes to buying gifts.

While your partner should not based how they feel about the gift you get them on the price tag, you can create a budget you both agree on for the gifts you get each other.

This helps keep the gift giving fair and within your means. I highly suggest having a conversation with your partner about how much they are willing to spend on your gift and likewise so you are on the same page.

My partner and I did not have a specific conversation about our budgets but this is only because he asked for something which he already knew the price tag for and is basing the gift he gets me off of that budget.

I normally spend more money on Christmas and anniversary gifts than birthday and other gifts, it also helps that Christmas comes after Black Friday where I can get deals on the things I plan on giving as gifts.

I wont go into detail about my personal budget of my partners gift but I will say that you should not feel bad if you cant afford something extravagant. The main idea of Christmas is to enjoy being with family and loved ones.

In my opinion, the amount you spend on a gift does not reflect your love for that person, although this can become tricky when some people’s love language can be receiving gifts.

Personally I feel that the meaning behind a gift is worth more than the cash value.

Not everyone thinks like this and thats totally fine, sometimes the more expensive it is the more meaningful it is to someone.

Actual pricing depends on a ton of factors…

How serious is the relationship? If you aren’t exclusive I wouldn’t spend more than you’re comfortable with

Your income. If you make just enough to cover bills and necessities, I wouldn’t recommend spending a ton on a gift. This of course is completely my opinion and you are free to do as you choose.

Did you partner give you a budget, what are they comfortable with receiving? If your partner gives you a budget you agree on, I would suggest sticking to it. Also, sometimes people feel uncomfortable accepting expensive gifts, so be mindful of the persons relationship with receiving them.

I have been in situations where I have gotten an ex a gift that they refused because they felt uncomfortable accepting it. It hurt my feelings but at the end of the day they had warned me about not liking gifts and I should have respected that.

Have they asked for anything in specific? I know my partner makes this easy, he gives me the exact item he wants so I don’t have to guess what he may want.

In summary, pricing completely depends on you and your partner, but remember, the Holiday season is not just about gifts!

Do you have any good gift ideas? Leave a comment below and stay tuned for a gift guide coming soon!

How much should you spend on your partners Christmas gift? How much should you spend on your partners Christmas gift? How much should you spend on your partners Christmas gift? 

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