Invest in Yourself


Investing in Yourself, Professionally and Personally

As a child, how many things did you want to be when you grew up?

A doctor, a veterinarian, a princess?

I know that when I was little, I wanted to be anything that sounded interesting on that day.



In school we are told that we will be successful if we follow a set of strict step by step rules…

  • Get good grades
  • Listen to your parents
  • Exercise for 30 minutes a day
  • Go to college
  • Graduate
  • Get married
  • Have children
  • Teach them the same rules you were taught.

I always wanted to be a mother, I still do. But I want to be other things too, I want to be a successful writer, published author, a loving wife, and I want to be happy. See the thing about life is we only get to do it once, we don’t get a crash corse or any re-dos. If you want to be something, whatever it may be, go out and do it. Figure out what steps you need to take, what paths you must forge, to make your dream a reality. I will warn you though, not everyone will agree with you, not everyone will want you to succeed, you may lose people along the way.


When Entrepreneurs see a promising business plan, they waste no time in investing into the company…You are an entrepreneur in your own right, invest in your business whatever it maybe, invest in yourself.

I can give you so many reasons not to take the next step,

  • What if it doesn’t work?
  • What if you end up hating it?
  • What if you lose money?
  • What if people hate you?

These are all valid fears, but my dear…

  • What if it does work? You have just created your dream life from nothing but your hard work and passion.
  • What if you fall in love with your work? You never know until you try.
  • What if you make money? You wont have to worry about your finances as much, you can support yourself.
  • What if people love you? Your work may touch lives you didn’t know existed, you may brighten the days of strangers.

Instead of thinking about the negatives, think about the positives. If you only think about the bad things that could happen, thats probably what you will get. The most successful people took a shot in the dark and followed their intuition.

I spent a majority of my life being told what I can and cannot be, growing up I wanted to play hockey, I wasn’t allowed because I was a girl. I was told that to be successful in the business world you must act like a man, golf with the men, drink with the men, then maybe you can do business with the men.

I never really understood this mentality because my mother owned her own company, two actually. She was the boss, yet she still had to appease the men.

This just seems silly to me, to I decided to invest in myself, I am the proud owner of my business and my life, no one else controls it.

I hire and fire accordingly and I am not just talking about from a business standpoint.

Investing in yourself, it does not always mean from a business standpoint, sometimes its from a personal one.

If someone does not fit into the life you are trying to make for yourself, they don’t need to be there, sure it may hurt to let people go but if you know that in the end they do not bring you joy or empower you and your endeavors, they aren’t worth it.

Sometimes the investment is making tough decisions to better your future, its not always money related.

You can invest in yourself by scheduling time to do nothing but focus on you, taking a night off of working to go out with friends, buying those shoes you really want.

Investing in Yourself, Professionally and Personally Investing in Yourself, Professionally and Personally Investing in Yourself, Professionally and Personally Investing in Yourself, Professionally and Personally

You are the only one who will live your life, so your opinion is the only one that matters.

Have you ever been put down for a dream you have? How did you overcome it? Let me in the comments!

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