Lets Talk About Your V.

The world is 49% female, which means there are a lot of vaginas…(sorry but its true)

Most women either don’t have the education, or the accessibility to care for their vaginal health as we are supposed to.

Over the past 22 years of being a woman, I have a learned a thing or two, and I have definitely done some research. The main thing I learned is that we as women, do not receive nearly enough education on our bodies as we deserve and need.

The female reproductive system is so complex and honestly kinda weird, in a beautiful way, yet we aren’t even taught the correct way to take care of it!

You can search online and find tons of articles and answers on how to take care of a dog, yet theres barely anything for us women to educate ourselves on OUR bodies, I find that crazy.

There are so many infections and bacteria that a woman can get, that men are less likely to get. Some of these infections can go asymptomatic for year, but leave irreparable damage to the female body.

There are specific ways to wash your lady parts that you probably didn’t even know was a thing!

Those sexy panties all the boys love? Yeah, they are horrible for down there.

Certain shampoos and body washes, can totally mess up your pH.

If you don’t pee after sex, you’re at risk for a UTI

You SHOULD sleep naked, its beneficial…and fun

These are just some of the things I have learned over the years that I had to look into myself, but all of these should be taught…my doctors, health teachers, parents!

Society today makes vaginas a taboo subject, yet they are literally the reason we are here!

I want to start by talking about lingerie and panties…

Lace is fine here and there for that special occasion… *wink wink* but if your aren’t showing off to anyone, I recommend going with something cotton based and washable. Lace makes it hard for those parts to breath, creating more risk for infection.


The vagina has a pH that our body balances on its own, when we bring other factors in to this, like body wash, it can mess up the whole thing your body has going. When the pH isn’t balanced it can cause burning, itching, shall I keep going? It can also cause infection.

Sex is great and all…

Peeing after sex sounds weird, I get it. But it helps to cleanse the urethra from harmful bacteria, in turn, preventing a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). I don’t know about you but I figure this out just browsing online, I never knew this was important and beneficial until i did my own research!

Less Clothes – Less Problems

Sleeping naked can help prevent yeast infections! Think about it…the vagina is warm and moist, a breeding ground for bacteria. When we sleep with clothes on, we aren’t allowing that moisture to go anywhere, making git more vulnerable to infection. Sleeping naked allows the moisture and heat to escape while you are asleep, lowering risk of infection.

The vagina is complex and super cool if you think about it…there are so many things that it does, to keep you healthy, without you knowing! The least we could do is treat it right!


  • See a Gynecologist at least once a year, to check up on your vaginal health and sexual wellness
  • Treat you vagina how you would treat other parts of your body, maintain good hygiene
  • Use products designed for the vagina to help prevent pH imbalance


  • Do not douche! It can be very bad for your vaginal health, stick to washing regularly with a clean cotton towel
  • Use harsh chemical and perfumes, these wont feel good later
  • Do not constantly wear laced panties, they are not breathable and are very rough on your lady parts, try cotton!

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