Living Life In Moderation

Even healthy things aren’t good for you in excess. I love Spinach, its super healthy and yummy,but if you eat too much can cause a handful of health issues. This also goes for Unhealthy products, in moderation wont kill you, but you aren’t going to eat a whole bag of sweets and feel great.

Moderation isn’t just important when it comes to food, practicing moderation in life has its benefits as well.

Can you be too social?

Socializing is important to us human beings, we need social interaction to survive… but too much can cause over stimulation. Of course having friends makes life better, but we have to remember to take some time to ourselves. When we become dependent on social interaction, we become unable to satisfy our independent needs.

Balance is key, if you go out with your friends Friday and Saturday night, stay in on Sunday. Carving out time to be alone is just as important as going out with friends. Blocking out Sunday as a self care day can make you more productive in the coming week and sometimes we don’t take time for ourselves, instead we prioritize our wants over our needs, which can cause stress.

I am guilty of this, I wont set hard boundaries for myself because I want to enjoy my life. This has come back to bite me in the ass numerous times. For example, I will go out and stay up late having fun when I have to be up early the next morning. I know I have to be up early and I know it will suck to be exhausted for work, but I do it anyway without regard for my health.

Once I realized that what I was doing wasn’t good for me both physically and mentally, I started being more mindful of my time.

Saying No

I try not to say yes to social plans right away, I like to respond within 24 hours, but I always take some time to be mindful of my responsibilities and prior engagements before making plans.

This way I do not become inundated with the responsibilities I put on hold to go out and have a good time.

I love being around my friends and having fun but I do not like feeling like Im drowning in chores because I sacrifice them to have fun. I enjoy my life all around much more when I am able to have a balance between work and pleasure.

My significant other and I are currently doing long distance, but we do not go very long without seeing each other. Because a majority of what I do is remote, I have the ability to visit every other weekend. Sometimes when I visit he has tons of work to do, so I will go to one side of the room, he will go to the other, and we will do our own things until we are ready to enjoy each others company.

Addicted to Work?

As much as we want to skip the work stuff, we understand that having obligations hanging over our heads will not allow us to live in the moment, so we sacrifice the quantity of time, for the quality of it.

Don’t get me wrong I love what I do, I love writing and sharing with you guys on a daily basis, but sometimes I get burnt out…this happens with every job. You could be in your dream job and need to take a break, and thats okay. It is important to be able to know the signs of work fatigue and acknowledge that sometimes you need a break.

I combat work fatigue in a few ways, I schedule out time in my day to work and time to relax. I try to get my work done between normal business hours, for productivity and ease of communication with other professionals. Unless I am super behind, I will normally stick to this schedule pretty well.

When I first started developing my brand I worked 24/7. I would get home from my other job (which I will get to shortly) and I would write and research, check analytics and obsess over the ideas I had to build my brand. I wouldn’t go to bed until 1 or 2 in the morning when i had to be awake at 6 am, not to mention be able to function throughout the coming day.

Like I said I have another job, I still have this job and honestly I love it. I joke with my boss that I could be set for life but I would never quit.

This second job helps me financially and gives me a place to get away to. Working from home and often writing about my personal life can make it hard to get away from the stresses I have in my personal life for a little while. Being able to get out and go to work is like a break from the hard stuff and a short distraction when I need it.

After that break I can come home and edit a post with “new” eyes or brainstorm with a clear mind. I have noticed my ideas and work is more quality content when I take a break instead of grinding it all out.

It has taken me most of my life to figure out a balance and I still am not completely there yet, and I probably will never understand it fully.But I think that the beauty of life, you’re alway learning.

What I do know for sure, is that moderation is a huge key to living a life that you’re in control of.

What do you think, whats your opinion on living life in moderation? Let me know in the comments!

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