My Experience with Nexplanon

My Experience with Nexplanon!

Birth control is definitely not a one size fits all type of deal, everyone is different and therefore everyone reacts differently to different forms and brands of birth control. Theres so many different types of BC its hard to keep track and honestly hard to choose because all of them have pros and cons, and depending on your health insurance or location, some can be more or less expensive than others.

I started taking birth control when I turned 17, yes I was sexually active but that wasn’t my main reason for taking BC, at the time my doctor misdiagnosed me with PCOS which in short, is a hormone imbalance that can wreck havoc on your reproductive system and overall health.

I was put on the pill, the specific type I started with made my anxiety go through the roof, not to mention the unwanted weight gain and breakouts every other week.

I have been on four or five different birth control pills and the worst thing about them besides side effects, is probably the fact that you must take them at the same time everyday, my schedule is always changing and I travel quite a bit so I rarely took the pill on time.

I recently started seeing a new gynecologist who heard my whole history of birth control and recommended a birth control implant, called Nexplanon. the impact goes in your upper arm a few inches from your elbow, after a shot of lidocaine a nurse or doctor certified in performing the procedure will implant a tiny rod right under your skin. It sounds horrific but honestly the procedure itself was not bad, I barely felt the nurse insert the implant (but i did ask for a bit more lidocaine before she started because i could still feel sensation in the area). after she finished the insertion, she checked to make sure she could feel the implant under my skin to make sure it was inserted correctly, she then applied a steristrip and pressure bandage that was to be left on 24 hours, and then i was supposed to keep the area covered with a bandaid for about a week.

About an hour or two after the procedure I started to regain feeling in my arm which was probably the worst part but was not even that bad. It only hurt if I touched the area of moved my arm weird but honestly, you’re putting a foreign object in your arm, so the pain was expected and not as bad as I thought it would be.

For about the next week the healing process was a bit rough, I had a nasty bruise that still hasn’t completely gone away, but the insertion spot is completely healed and I barely have any pain.

About a week after the procedure I did make a visit to the doctor because when I put my arm down at times I had a bit of pinching pain at the end of the rod but my doctor checked it and said it should go away once scar tissue forms. The next day the pain stopped so I guess she was right!

The nice thing about Nexplanon is you can feel the implant if you touch the area to ensure it doesn’t migrate elsewhere. Also, Nexplanon is only progesterone so its a lot safer than other forms of birth control and the best part is you are protected for up to 3 years (obviously not from STDs and other infections but from pregnancy) the implant is said to be 99% effective meaning only 1 out of 100 women became pregnant with the implant.

Some cons of the implant are irregular/infrequent periods (everyone is different), the removal process can be a little bit harder than the insertion, and it can cost up to around $1,300 without insurance. Luckily my insurance covers preventative care so I received the impact at no cost of my own.

The other side effects are about the same as any other birth control so I don’t think I need to mention them here but honestly Ill take the possibility of side effects if it means I have one less thing to worry about in my everyday life.

I will mention that if you receive the implant within the first five days of a new menstrual cycle you are protected right away but if you receive it at any other point in your cycle, you should use another form of birth control for 7 days after the implant is inserted.

I have had mine for about two months now and I can honestly say I am so happy with it! I have not gotten my period once since getting it, but I recently experienced some light cramping and a bit of spotting that I thought would turn into a period but did not. Spotting and irregular periods are probably the biggest issue with the implant but other than that its been worry free. My bruise completely went away and I can feel the implant if I touch the area so I know its there. I have had more of an appetite since starting it which i found interesting but hormonally I have been okay. I am super stressed at this point in my life so its hard to tell if the acne I have been experiencing is from my stress or the implant. 

I will say I have been a bit more emotional but again, I cant determine whether thats from stress or the hormonal change!

Do you guys have any experience with Nexplanon? What about other forms about brith control? Let me know in the comments section below!

My Experience with Nexplanon My Experience with Nexplanon My Experience with Nexplanon My Experience with Nexplanon My experience with Nexplanon

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