My Self Care Routine

Sundays are always my favorite day of the week, whether I’m visiting the boyfriend or I am home enjoying some personal time, its one day of the week I always look forward to.

My weeks can be pretty busy and quite stressful so Sundays I definitely try to prioritize self care to make sure I am setting myself up for the best possible week.

When we think of self care, we like to think about bubble baths and shopping sprees, but self care can come in a multitude of ways you wouldn’t generally think of.

When I am home, I start my Sundays by not setting an alarm, I have to wake up at 6am every day during the week so I wake up pretty early naturally.

I’m normally up around 9am but depending on what time I wake up, I will either go to church at 10 or 11:30, I try to keep Sundays pretty flexible so I can relax and go with the flow.

Church is my time to reflect on my week, my life at this moment, and everything that is weighing on me, when I leave church I try to leave my worries as well.

After Church I go straight to my hometown for the weekly farmers market, sometimes my best friend comes and we just walk around and enjoy the atmosphere.

Now that I have had a great start to my morning and a clear mind, I like to plan out my week, if I am home for the weekend, it means the next weekend I will be away, so I like to plan accordingly.

A big way I unwind is by lighting some candles, sitting on my couch, and just catching up on my favorite YouTubers and Bloggers.

Self care can also be taking care of responsibilities, I know that when I have things to get done I am definitely more stressed, so after a bit of down time, I like to tidy up my apartment.

By the time I finish up with all that, its normally late afternoon, early evening. At this point I will probably start getting ready for bed.

Once I am all comfy cozy, I like to Skype with my boyfriend for a bit just to catch up since we are both busy during the week and being that we are semi long distance, its nice to chat every now and then.

I have major anxiety over sleeping through my alarm so I will make sure my alarm is set like five times between 5:45 and 6:15.

By around 9 or 10, my face is washed, teeth are brushed, and all of my tasks for the day completed, I am ready to jump in bed and get sleepy!

Of course this routine differs every week, some weeks my routine is just sleeping in, breakfast with the boyfriend, and then driving five hours home and going to bed, def not as glamorous, but when I have the time to put a little extra effort into my self care routine, I like to take it!

I recommend taking Sundays easy if you have the ability to, its a great way to start your week off on the right foot, and make Mondays a bit less dreadful.

What do you guys do for self care? Email me or Dm me on Instagram, all the info is on my contact page!

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