New Years Resolutions That Actually Stick! 2020

Lets be realistic… we all want our New Years Resolutions to work, but we often forget about them by February. 

In order to make and stick with your New Years Resolution, you need an actual goal or reason.

Heres a few tips and trick on how to stay with it!

  1. Understand your goals
    1. Understanding why you’re making these goals will help you to keep them, if I say I am going to work out everyday because I want to lose weight…thats very vague. Try making a goal with clear ambitions, I want to start working out and being healthier because I want to be able to run a mile in 7 minutes. If you set a goal that you can see progress on, you’re more likely to stick with it.
  2. Be realistic when setting them
    1. Contrary to those Instagram ads…you can not lose 60 pounds in 3 months. Its almost impossible and no where near healthy. Be realistic with your goals, if you want to be healthier, start by drinking more water and going on walks. If you set unrealistic goals you are going to be frustrated when you cant reach them and probably will give up.
  3. Bribe yourself!
    1. Have something you’ve been wanting for awhile? Make an agreement with yourself that if you succeed in your goals, you can go buy it at the end of the year. I like this because you can put money aside every time you make a step towards your goal, like going to the gym. You are investing in yourself and at the end of the year you will have money that you earned to buy that thing you’ve been wanting.
  4. Be honest
    1. Be honest with yourself and others, don’t take shortcuts and don’t cheat! We all hate being lied to, so don’t do it to yourself! The “Ill go tomorrow” or “Im too busy” lines, only push you back. Instead of saying “Im too busy” try saying “this is not a priority” see how it feels because I can guarantee that saying your health is not a priority wont sit right with you.   
  5. Keep spending to a minimum
    1. Do not go drop 100s of dollars on new stuff or a membership because you think it will help you make your goals. If you don’t go to the gym now, you probably wont start just because its a New Year. Gyms see new people joining every January but those people normally cancel a few months later. If you spend money on this stuff at the beginning but don’t go through with it, then your left with unfinished goals and money wasted.
  6. Set smaller goals 
    1. Want to get healthier but you don’t know where to start? Big goals can be overwhelming so try breaking your big goal into smaller more achievable ones that will lead to success in the overall goal. Say you want to get healthy, start by drinking x amount of water a day, once thats down start going for a walk every day. Eventually you will work up to a Gym membership or whatever comes up next on your list of goals.
  7. Find someone with mutual goals to keep you accountable 
    1. The best way to stay accountable is finding a partner in your goals to help motivate you and vice versa. You’re less likely to slip up if someone else will be disappointed in you. No one wants to feel they let someone down, which makes for great motivation. Also having a partner to keep you motivated means you have someone to talk to about your feelings when you’re frustrated or feeling down, which can help overall mental health.
  8. The “New Year” is just an excuse
    1. Don’t wait until the new year to set goals, it is just a time stamp set by society to keep track of time. Goals are more likely to be kept by people who don’t wait for the new year or even a Monday. Start now your future self will thank you.
  9. It is okay to fail, as long as you get back up
    1. Sometimes life gets in the way of our plans and thats okay, its okay to fail as long as you get up and keep going. If fact, the only way to truly learn is to fail here and there.
  10. Be your own cheerleader.
    1. Don’t post about your goals for everyone to see, because frankly no one cares. You are the only person who should matter in your journey, no one else. Don’t let the support of other people, or lack there of, dictate your motivation. The goals you set better your life and no one else’s so why should they matter? 

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