You Could Be Gone Tomorrow…

We all have goals, dreams, plans for the future, etc.

What I am trying to say is we all have things we are looking forward to in the future, whether its two months or two years from today, we have an expectation of how our lives will pan out.

Let me ask you this, two years ago, did you think you would be where you are now? Around the people you’re with now? The circumstances you have today? I didn’t think I would be where I am today 6 months ago, let alone two years.

We have this obsession with looking to the future…you know the saying “things will get better”? When were going through a tough time and we hold out because the future will be better, when you’re struggling financially and you think to yourself, five years from now I will have money and be okay. Sorry to burst everyones bubble but, that isn’t how life works.

You truly have no idea what will actually happen tomorrow, sure, you can have a sense of what your plans might be when tomorrow rolls around, but you cannot see the future.

We stress so much about life, where we are, where we want to be, what we are not. That we forget to stop and have gratitude. So many people wake up not thinking that today might be their last, and then it is.

What would you do if you knew today was your last day?

When asked this question, everyone has some grand response, something big and meaningful to fulfill their life… my question is, why are we waiting till our hypothetical last day to make life more meaningful?

The truth is, we all have a last day, and no one know when their time is up, so why not make everyday more meaningful?

I have horrible Anxiety, I have had it since I was little. I get anxious over my phone ringing, or getting a text, I get anxious when having conversations for I might say seething wrong. I know that this is in part uncontrollable, because Anxiety is uncontrollable. But do I really want my life to be run by anxieties and stresses that will mean nothing after I am gone?

For example, we censor what we say 90% of the time. We do not always say what we mean or what we want. If you love someone, but you are unsure that they love you, you keep quiet, because not knowing hurts less than rejection?

I am trying to be more open and honest about my feelings. I told my significant other I loved him after a month. Because I truly do. Waiting around for the “right time” to do anything is wasting precious time you wont get back.

Sitting at home stressing out over work or school or finances or personal life, does not solve the problem. I can stress out over a bill, that doesn’t mean it will disappear.

Over the past few weeks I have tried to redirect my stress into motivation, if I am stressed about finances, I acknowledge my feelings and make a game plan and stress becomes my motivator instead of my handicap.

If I want someone to know how I feel, I tell them. This of course, is within reason, I will not go up to someone and hurt their feelings on purpose because I want them to know how I feel, but if I like a girls sweater or a guys haircut, Ill let them know, you never know how much that will make someones day.

My point is that you never know what will happen when it will happen so do what you want to do today, don’t wait until your last day, because you can’t tell the future. Go kiss that boy, or girl,  you’ve been crushing on. Go on that trip you’ve been wanting to go on, apply for that job, move to that place. Life is short do what makes you happy at all costs.

You Could Be Gone Tomorrow… You Could Be Gone Tomorrow… You Could Be Gone Tomorrow… You Could Be Gone Tomorrow…

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